Cycling and walking
From our camping enthusiasts can enjoy many miles of walking and cycling. A cycling and walking network starts at the exit of the campsite, which guarantees many kilometers full of fun in nature. You can cycle for instance to the River Maas and the German border in a short period of time. Nijmegen, Kleve (D) and Goch (D) are no more than 20 kilometers away.

For fishing the direct surroundings are more than sufficient. The Maas is at only 1 kilometre of the campsite, and several fishing ponds (including carp ponds) can be found in the direct surroundings as well.

National Park “De Maasduinen”
The campsite is located in the National Park De Maasduinen, with the heart in the nearby village of Bergen. This park is a versatile area where you can enjoy the nature. Within the park there are several possibilities for relaxation, besides many cultural attractions it offers many lakes, ponds and the river Maas. For nature lovers this park is a paradise.

Towns and cities
The landscape of Limburg is characterized by many old villages with beautiful houses, sprawling nature, historical monuments and fun cities like Venlo and Roermond. Either the surrounding provinces of North Brabant and Gelderland serve cultural excursions. So you can enjoy nature and enjoy your rest in the Ooijpolder near Nijmegen, or walking on the Mookerheide east of Mook. In Germany, for example, is the pilgrimage Kevelaer and various other fun cities as already mentioned above.

Subtropical swimming paradise
You can go at the subtropical swimming paradise of Center Parcs ‘Het Heijderbos’. Check here for Aqua Mundo

In the vicinity of our campsite is so much to experience, from amusement parks to museums and zoos. Below is a selection of the many possibilities. For further information and/or folders, you can find it here during your stay.

Zoo Parc Overloon
Stevensbeekseweg 19-21, Overloon
Tel:. 0478-640046
Logo Zoo Parc OverloonThis beautiful, spacious landscaped zoo is about a fifteen minute drive from our campsite and is well worth a visit. Children can do a search here, where they discover many interesting facts about the animals. In various parts of this park the animals move freely among the visitors!
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Arcen Thermal
Klein Vink 11, Arcen
Tel:. 077-473 24 24
Logo thermaalbad ArcenWho just wants to relax, you can visit Arcen. In Arcen Thermal you forget all your worries and allow yourself to completely relax. That’s good for body and mind and above all, a fine addition to your holiday.
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Berggeiststraße 31-41, Brühl (D)
Tel. (for information): +49 1806 366 200
Logo PhantasialandExperience your fantasies during a spectacular day out in Phantasialand! This amusement park is divided into different worlds full of shows and entertainment, but of course may not lack exciting attractions. A great day out for your children, whose senses are stimulated in this imaginative park.
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Craft Hertog Jan brewery
Kruisweg 44, Arcen
Tel.: 0800 – 023 03 75
Logo Hertog Jan brouwerijSmell the hops, malt and of course taste the beer that it is brewed. During a two-hour tour you will follow under the guidance of a guide throughout the brewing process. Afterwards enjoy a lovely glass Hertog Jan served in the café.
Anyone can join a guided tour (children accompanied by an adult), but a tour must be booked in advance.
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Castle Gardens
Lingsforterweg 26, Arcen
Tel:. 077-4736010
Logo Kasteeltuinen ArcenIn spring the gardens come to life, during the summer they overwhelm you with colors and scents. Stroll through the many gardens of the estate with monumental Arcen Castle as its centerpiece. Admire numerous types of roses, streams, waterfalls and ponds in the various themed gardens.
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Toverlaan 2, Sevenum
Tel.: + 31 (0) 77 467 70 50
Logo ToverlandToverland offers over thirty attractions for young and old, outdoor as well as indoor. It also offers several shows. Climb the rope bridges in the Magic Forest by foot and step into the magical twisted roller coaster Dwervelwind or go aboard for a wild water expedition on the River Djengu and meet the special residents of the Magic Valley.
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War museum
Museumpark 1, Overloon
Tel.: +31 (0)478 – 641250
Logo OorlogsmuseumAt the National War and Resistance Museum, the history of World War II is presented. There you will see how more than fifty million people lost their lives in just five years. At the museum in this beautiful, wooded park, you will experience the occupation and persecution, but also the resistance and D-Day.
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Zoo Krefeld
Uerdinger Str. 377, Krefeld (D)
Tel.: +49 – 2151 95 520
Logo Zoo KrefeldWho is willing to drive a little further, can go visit this beautiful large zoo with many animals in the heart of Krefeld (Germany). This zoo is to visit at a very friendly price and is definitely worth it.
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